When you meet someone for the first time, you shake their hand, say hello, and introduce yourself. What happens next—do you just walk away and assume they'll follow you and beg to know more?

Of course not. That new relationship, if it's going to deepen, needs to be developed. It takes effort. You have to put your best foot forward, deepen the conversation, and pray to God you don't have anything stuck between your teeth.

The same goes for your business.


It's possible that right now in your business you've got broccoli sticking out of places you never even thought to check—your logo, marketing collateral, twitter bio, website copy, color palette. All of these things create the first impression that will either turn people away or bring them closer.

Is your business putting its best foot forward? Is your logo appealing, impactful, and meaningful? Are your words clear and compelling?  Is the content across all of your channels consistent and coherent?

Your brand is your business's first impression. I can help you make it a good one.


So, what can i offer, specifically? Glad you asked. Keep reading...